Hungary Pavilion

A relaxing dip into the thermal waters of Hungary

  • Theme

    Aqua Roots of Hungary

  • Location
  • Architect

    Imre Makovecz Foundation

Hungary 1

Hungary Pavilion 360

Discover Hungary Pavilion in 360°

Integrationwith nature

The Hungary pavilion is a wide, gently curved concrete cylinder featuring long, vertical planks of exposed wood. Approached from the front, two thick square columns of intricately woven wood frame the entryway and rise above the main building’s domed roof. The entrance plaza features a miniature forest of smart trees, built of the same wood and featuring digital screens and umbrella-like white roofs. In step with the organic design philosophy, these trees blend in seamlessly with the pavilion’s minimalist gardens.


Explore the mystical caves in the Hungary Pavilion.

Aqua Bar with samples of Hungary’s mineral and thermal waters