Philippines Pavilion

Float through an enchanting coral wonderland

  • Theme

    Bangkóta: Philippine Coral Reef

  • Location
  • Architect

    Budji Layug+Royal Pineda


Philippines Pavilion 360

Discover Philippines Pavilion in 360°

Dazzling large-scale installations

Taking inspiration from the island nation’s pristine coral reefs, the Philippines Pavilion is a multi-level collection of stacked, open-air mesh structures that curve around palm trees, tropical gardens and small exhibit areas. The pavilion’s many coral-like formations, which resemble huge, rounded, open-topped containers, are made from a lattice of grey graphite wire. The structures layer on top of each other in irregular shapes, creating a free-flowing space full of shaded passages, projected digital exhibitions and gardens to explore.


Get immersed in an incredible underwater journey.

Experience a deep connection with nature, considered the roots of life in the Philippines.