Portugal Pavilion

Experience an entire world within one nation

  • Theme

    A World in One Country

  • Location
  • Architect

    Saraiva e Associados

Portugal Pavilion

Portugal Pavilion 360

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Cruising through Expo 2020

With tall sail-shaped façades that rise high into the air, the Portugal Pavilion recalls a white sailing ship cruising through Expo 2020, much as Portuguese explorers like Ferdinand Magellan, featured within, once sailed across the globe. The pavilion’s bottom level is open in the centre, with sturdy grey structures to either side. Resting upon these is the broad main exhibit hall, a squared-off take on the caravel, a 15th century Portuguese boat design renowned for its speed. Its four rectangular sails stand tall at various heights.


The Portugal Pavilion honors its historical relationship with maritime exploration.

Experience a shared future, supported by human values.