Global Goals for All

The Goals are the Answer

This event aims to create awareness around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and highlight the need for increased commitments to deliver on the promise of the Decade of Action. Only through partnerships, locally, regionally and globally will we be able to achieve the Global Goals. Here, we will celebrate how far we have come and the progress that has been made so far, whilst observing areas where progress has stalled or, in some cases, regressed due to the pandemic. The Goals hold the solutions needed to help the world recover better from COVID and we will explore and highlight the role innovation, businesses and governments have to play in accelerating progress and advancing the Global Goals in the coming decade. Get a broad overview of the Goals and take a deeper dive into some of the most urgent and prominent issues the world is currently facing on a global scale, including Gender Inequality and the Climate Crisis. We will hear from key voices on these issues, and discuss the facts and solutions around them so as to inspire action.

Speaker of the day