Global Interfaith Summit: Toward a Compassionate World Through Tolerance and Interfaith Understanding


Tolerance is a virtue at the heart of strong societies. It is the core value that blends and joins people of the world together and prevents communities from breaking apart. It encourages understanding, mutual respect, inclusivity and peaceful coexistence. The objective of this summit is to build bridges among those of different faiths of the world, based on our similarities and shared views on human values. This summit will make the statement that common ground is possible if we come to know one another as leaders for peace, conduits to positive human connections, and a collective and catalytic force behind the wellbeing of society. In the ability to understand others in a diverse world we have found in tolerance and inclusivity not only moral urgencies, but also the key to unlocking the enormous energies of complex societies. Interfaith understanding is at the heart of effective dialogue with those that respect our differences. It is our differences that create the potential for us to learn from each other. And it is tolerance and inclusivity that catalyse that potential into this marvellous power of understanding that is transforming the world for the good of us all.