Outlier Series: Pearl Quest by Sharjah Business Women Council

Outlier Series

Pearl Quest by Sharjah Business Women Council

The Sharjah Business Women Council (SBWC) is hosting this high-profile and intense pitching event where SBWC members have the opportunity to pitch to a panel of judges along with a venture capitalist. The winning pitch will receive instant funding. SBWC Pearl Quest is providing the opportunity for seven aspiring business women to pitch their business ideas for a chance to win a monetary fund to grow their business. The participating members were enrolled in an intensive training course in partnership with PwC in preparation for this pitch event. A panel of distinguished judges will choose three winners, based on the originality of their idea as well as its sustainable social and environmental impact, and the functionality and ease with which it can be implemented. This initiative aligns with SBWC’s commitment to provide a broad range of services to members, including training and mentoring, as well as a platform to showcase their ideas.