Sustainability @ Expo | Nature's Harvest: Growing Sustainably for a Growing World

Sustainability @Expo

Growing Sustainably for a Growing World

From farm to plate, the food value chain is an integral part of society, providing income and livelihoods for billions. But the way in which we currently cultivate our food is a significant contributor to climate change through deforestation, land degradation, pollution, and food waste. Expo is a platform that brings stakeholders across value chains to spotlight localised solutions to food security, nutrition, and farming challenges. This event will explore how to grow food sustainably and will encompass approaches to climate-friendly agricultural practices that maximise productivity while operating in harmony with the environment. It will also highlight Expo’s efforts and successes in planning Urban Agriculture into the Expo site and District 2020, as well as how International Participants include food and urban agriculture into their pavilion design and operations.