Sustainability @ Expo | Nature's Healing Hands: Creating Healthy Environments for Living

Sustainability @Expo

Healthy Spaces, Healthy Lives

Human health is closely linked to environmental sustainability. The degradation of our planet and the destruction of wild habitats in turn negatively affects us. Climate change threatens our food and water supplies, forces the migration of people towards already overcrowded cities, creates pandemics and threatens our livelihoods with more natural and weather-related disasters. This event will explore the link between the physical environment and the health and wellbeing of people and how this influences policy, as well as the planning, design, construction, and operations of human habitats that support health and wellbeing. It will spotlight District 2020 as a people-centric, sustainable community and also provide a platform for International Participants and Partners to share how they have incorporated health and wellness into their pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai.