Sustainability @ Expo: Protecting the Great Unknown

Space for a Better World.

Space travel and exploration has captured imaginations for generations, and on the back of exponential technological advancement, the dream of space tourism is now closer to being a reality than ever. At the same time, with outer space remaining one of our few truly shared resources, peacefully and equitably managing this distant realm requires concerted international cooperation among space-faring nations. As the Space sector evolves, both public and private actors must take collective action to transition and contribute towards the long-term sustainability of the Space environment as well as contribute to sustainability here on Earth. This event will focus on sustainable space exploration, the role of women in the space economy, and the link between space exploration and sustainability here on Earth. It will also highlight the solutions that Expo 2020 Dubai has integrated into the Expo site, or funded through Expo live, that rely on innovations that were derived from space exploration, such as climate modelling, solar energy, water recycling, carbon fibre as a building material, Internet of Things (IoT), GPS and others.

Speaker of the day