Sweden: Water Week Event - Day 1


Water Scarcity

On the occasion of Water Week at Expo 2020 Dubai, the Swedish Pavilion hosts a series of seminars between March 23rd and 25th, featuring keynote speakers to address the challenges associated with water management and accessibility, and showcase sustainable innovations and practice solutions from around the world. The first day of this special event is dubbed "Water Scarcity", in which distinguished guest speakers tackle this eminent issue by presenting real-life examples from across the globe. First on stage is Silati Tofuola, Commissioner General in Tuvalu, who sheds light on the effect of climate change on the island's water resources. Joining the session on screen is Senior Lecturer and Lead Researcher, Kevin Winter, who discusses the devastating drought that hit Cape Town in 2018, and the city's reselience and preparations to be a water sensitive city by 2040. Also taking the stage is Rosebell Kagumire, writer, campaigner, and pan-African feminist, addressing the issue of women empowerment and the role of African women in the fight against water scarcity. Finally, Arthur Demarest, an Ingram Professor of Anthropology, shares stories from history that demonstrate how water - while being the basis of our lives - is also an "existential" cause of conflict. He illustrates lessons learned from the 'inseparability of water and war' by applying Crisis Management and Network Theory models.