Sweden: Water Week Event - Day 2


Oceans, and the Stockholm Junior Water Prize

On the occasion of Water Week at Expo 2020 Dubai, the Swedish Pavilion hosts a series of seminars between March 23rd and 25th, featuring keynote speakers to address the challenges associated with water management and accessibility, and showcase sustainable innovations and practice solutions from around the world. The second day of this special event series addresses two main topics. In the first session, titled "Oceans, the Heart of Our Planet", distinguished guest speakers showcase the unique ecosystem of the Baltic Sea and highlight key measures to protect underwater environments. Panelists include Laura Hoijer, Managing Director at the Baltic Sea Action Group; Konrad Bergstrom, Founder of XShore; and Bethanie Carney Almroth, Ecotoxicologist, Fish Biologist, and Microplastic Researcher. The second part of the event introduces the audience to the Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP). Led by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), the SJWP is a competition for students aged 15 to 20 who have developed research projects that can help solve major water challenges. Speakers include Ania Andersch, SJWP Senior Manager at SIWI; Deliang Chen, Chairman of the nominating committee of Stockholm Water Prize at SIWI; and Sandra Postel, Founder and Director of the Global Water Policy Project. The UAE’s first-time participation in the SJWP is introduced by Cecilia Braidy, Deputy Director at Water Alliance, hosting a special guest candidate that is participating in the SJWP 2022.