Women’s World Majlis | Mission Equality: Expanding Equal Opportunities in Space

How to ensure that women share equal opportunities in the new space market?

Space is more than just exploration missions; it has become a resource that provides remarkable economic opportunities. From exploring space resources such as mining asteroids, to space tourism, from designing more economic and sustainable rockets and space equipment to satellites providing broadband internet and invaluable data for sustainable development, the space industry is expected to generate a revenue of more than $1 trillion or more by 2040. For the new industry to flourish in a sustainable way, these questions will need answers and everyone’s contribution to shape the right policies. Yet, while women are increasingly making the headlines on the exploration front, they are still widely under-represented in the economic segment of the space sector. Shaping a gender-equitable space sector is essential and beneficial not only for women but for the entire humanity.


  • Opening speech by Simonetta Di Pippo

  • Looking into space economy, legislation and exploration through a gender perspective

  • An open Q&A

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