World Majlis | A Shared Future

World Majlis

A Shared Future: Reframing a Better Future for All

Over the course of six months and 10 theme weeks, the World Majlis at Expo 2020 Dubai has convened some of the most diverse and original voices from across the world to discuss the greatest challenges facing humanity. These discussions within the context of a World Expo, held against the backdrop of an increasingly unpredictable and threatened world, lay the foundation for a conversation on what it would take to build a better future – one where people and planet, the young and the experienced, institutions and the communities they serve, work in partnership with each other to navigate and thrive in an uncertain tomorrow. In this final edition of the World Majlis at Expo 2020 we explore insights from the previous World Majlis conversations to talk about how to navigate a complex future: How do we better frame our place in the world – in relation to our planet(s), and new realities within which we must exist? How do we equip ourselves with better knowledge - of the world and ourselves, to thrive in a future of uncertainty? How do we prioritise wellbeing as the new currency – for the individual, the community and the planet?