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The Future of Medical Innovation

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged healthcare systems around the world, pushing the medical industry to demonstrate its capacity to accelerate innovation. To halt the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers have stunned the world by reducing a 10 or 15 years vaccine development timeframe to just about a year. The many factors - from technology to policy - that have successfully facilitated the vaccine race are often poorly understood by the general public, pointing to the fact that successful medical advances are also often accompanied by suspicion. Across all areas of health, technologies from artificial intelligence to 3D printing, genomics and robotics are advancing exponentially, shaping the future of medicine. Everything in the medical industry is now changing, from how patients consult their doctors, to data and analytics-enabled continuous care, to how hospitals and doctors use tools and share information. These unprecedented breakthroughs have given rise to great hope in health research, drug discovery, treatment innovation, personalised medicine, telemedicine, and optimal patient care. Perhaps the medical world will soon find solutions to the biggest health challenges we face, and evolve not just to treat disease, but increasingly, to prevent it.