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Living and Thriving with New Realities

A full-scale mirror world may not exist yet, but existing navigation tools, and augmented reality games available on our smartphones are already giving us a glimpse of these new realities. In the not-too-distant future, we can expect to see a digital representation, or “digital twin”, of every object around us: buildings, bridges, human beings, and more. Machines such as self-driving cars or everyday accessories such as glasses will be able to “read” the mirror world, while navigating the physical one. Applications range from industry to healthcare, education, retail sales, and smart cities. As this new hybrid world becomes reality and terms like Mirror Worlds, Augmented or Mixed reality and Digital Twins become more mainstream, a number of fundamental questions around ownership, security, privacy and ethics will need to be addressed. Please join us in this World Majlis to share your insights and collectively contribute to building a better future.