World Majlis | Nature’s Game of Jenga: Getting Creative to Fight Biodiversity Loss

Finding Our Place in Nature's Complex Web

Ever played a game of Jenga and watched the whole structure collapse as your remove one peg? This applies to strong and unexplored links among all species, including our own, and the loss of even one of them impacting many in unexpected ways. Nature’s complex web make it possible for all of us to live on earth. As we encroach more on our natural habitats, we are actually growing more disconnected from nature. Because of human activity, close to one million animal and plant species could soon go extinct, leading to a chain of unpredictable consequences. These intrusions are affecting entire communities at an unprecedented scale and frequency, from wildfires to global pandemics and insect invasions. As we continue to weigh this dilemma, it is urgent we find solutions to protect our ecosystems and support our long-term ability to thrive not just alongside nature, but also as part of it.

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