World Majlis | Power to Change the World: Fuelling a Sustainable World by 2030

Fuelling a Sustainable World in 2030

Energy generation accounts for a large percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, but also holds answers for achieving a sustainable future. Access to affordable energy is a basic requirement for development in today’s world. Today while some 770 million people lack access to electricity, energy generation is one of the largest contributors to global emissions. Renewable energy currently represents close to 30 percent of total electricity supply worldwide. And some studies indicate solar and wind energy could entirely replace fossil fuels by 2050. However, technical, economic and policy challenges continue to exist, slowing down progress, when we indeed might need to accelerate it. With climate change topping global political agendas, and the world’s commitment to limiting the planet’s warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius in the balance, the focus on transforming how we produce and use energy is as important as ever.