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Science versus Disinformation in the Digital Realm

In spite of publicly available research, millions of people believe that vaccines cause autism, that biological evolution is a lie, and that global warming is a hoax. Finding a way for science to regain its crucial role of helping people to distinguish facts from misinformation has become critical. In this digital age, we have more information at our fingertips than ever before, yet separating facts from fiction is getting harder. Greater reliance on social media, rather than fact-checked, verified information, has given people access to a wider range of sources and “alternative facts”, which are often at odds with scientific findings, incomplete or simply false. Encouraging basic scientific literacy and an interest in science may play a key part towards solving some of our greatest challenges today, from the global COVID-19 pandemic at hand, to climate change or the transformation of our society through new technologies such as robotics or 5G. Please join us in this World Majlis to share your insights and collectively contribute to building a better future.