World Water Day

Water is Life

Water is the foundation of all life on Earth. It is central to sustainable development, thriving ecosystems and the survival of humanity. Yet, this most precious resource is finite and must be used and consumed wisely. Many of the most pressing challenges our world is facing, such as climate change, food security or conflict, are linked to water and can only be solved through adequate water governance, integrated resource management, and cooperation. The annual global World Water Day invites the world to celebrate the importance of water, exploring the various dimensions in which humans interact with water and sparking conversations on how we can reimagine our relationship with water. The World Water Day at Expo 2020 Dubai explores how we can improve the sustainable use and consumption of water and preserve water resources for future generations through innovation, activism, governance, and behavioral change. Everyone has a role to play in protecting our most precious resource and the World Water Day spotlights this through storytelling, discussions with thought leaders and experts.