Expo 2020 Feature

AlifThe Mobility Pavilion

Explore the history and future of global mobility

  • Theme

    Break down the divide between physical and digital worlds

  • Location
  • Architect

    Foster + Partners

Alif Pavilion

Mobility Pavilion 360

Discover Alif in 360°

A visionary structure ready to take flight

The heart-pounding motion of speeding ideas and vehicles alike take shape in Alif – The Mobility Pavilion: a ribbed, curvy, three-sided structure wrapped in highly reflective stainless steel metal cladding, inspired by chrome fenders and aircraft wings. Alif's mirror-like surface captures movement, making the building seem alive and in motion.


Timelapse: Alif – The Mobility Pavilion

Watch the creation of Alif - The Mobility Pavilion as it rises out of the desert sands.


A pearl diver reaches for a pearl, as the exhibition transitions from the past to the present.

An oversized globe dominates one of the galleries, with projections depicting various forms of mobility.