Islamic Republic of Iran Pavilion

A look inside one of the world’s oldest civilisations

  • Theme

    An ancient and stable civilisation, a welcoming nation

  • Location
  • Architect

    Shift Process Practice

Iran New 1

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A colourful odeto a classic tome

Inspired by the many tales in the classic book One Thousand and One Nights, the Islamic Republic of Iran Pavilion is a collection of 13 box-like blue buildings of various sizes, each of them housed within a curtain of hanging, bronze-coloured balls. These curtain structures surround each building on all four sides, and they are made of long strands of clay beads that part to admit visitors.


Immerse yourself in an otherworldly environment inspired by the One Thousand and One Nights.

Notice the hundreds of fired clay curtain-like elements draped over the pavilion's walls.