Peru Pavilion

Weave your way through 10,000 years of rich history

  • Theme

    Timeless, always Peru

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Peru Pavilion 360

Discover Peru Pavilion in 360°

A traditional blanket

The Peru Pavilion is a large rectangular structure wrapped in a woven-looking façade, like a vibrantly coloured traditional blanket draped over a grand table. This woven element, which is composed of layered, multi-coloured vertical lines, surrounds the entire pavilion, curving up on the bottom left side to reveal an open, shaded courtyard and performance space. On the lower right, the pavilion’s tall entryway slices through the woven exterior and plunges down a glowing tunnel.


Relax and contemplate your journey through one of the most biodiverse countries in the world.

Experience the historic connection between Peruvians and weaving on the pavilion façade.