Russia Pavilion

Gaze into the future of the human mind

  • Theme

    An infinite source of great creative minds

  • Location
  • Architect

    Tchoban SPEECH

Russia Pavilion

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A planet in motion

The towering, 27-metre-high structure of the Russia Pavilion is composed of a huge sphere supported instead by two large columns, one on either side. A wide, shaded courtyard nestles between them, below the main structure. The building gains the appearance of speed from its vibrant exterior décor: narrow bands of bright, rainbow colour, which wrap in great loops around the pavilion, suggesting a blur of motion. A raised circle reminiscent of Saturn’s rings sticks out from the centre of the sphere, completing the planetary motif.


The Russia Pavilion asks fundamental questions such as: how do we find our place in an interconnected world?

The colorful whirling design of the pavilion suggests a planet in motion.