Country Pavilion

Republic of Korea Pavilion

A dynamic showcase of art and technology

  • Theme

    Smart Korea, moving the world to you

  • Desert location
  • Architect

    Mooyuki Architects

Rep of Korea

Republic of Korea Pavilion 360

Discover Republic of Korea Pavilion in 360°

360 video coming soon

An unforgettable displayof global futurism

Evoking an auditorium full of concert-goers waving their phones in unison, the Republic of Korea Pavilion’s sloped front features descending rows of glowing digital cubes that spin and light up in synchronised displays. Approximately 1,700 of these custom-made cubes decorate the pavilion, with vibrantly coloured screens on all sides.


A dynamic façade that constantly changes through the course of day

A kinetic installation that interacts with its audience and surroundings