Republic of Korea Pavilion

Experience the wonders of future mobility in this dynamic showcase of art and technology.

  • Theme

    Smart Korea, moving the world to you

  • Location
  • Architect

    Mooyuki Architects

Rep of Korea

Republic of Korea Pavilion 360

Discover Republic of Korea Pavilion in 360°

An unforgettable displayof global futurism

Evoking an auditorium full of concert-goers waving their phones in unison, the Republic of Korea Pavilion’s sloped front features descending rows of digi-logue cubes that spin and create unforgettable displays of light and color. A total of 1597 of these cubes take up the pavilion facade, with one digital and three analog screens.


A dynamic facade that constantly changes throughout the day.

Tap along to upbeat k-pop dance covers that take place multiple times a day.

The Open courtyard (Madang) offers diverse cultural experiences

Taste authentic Korean food prepared by one of the finest restaurants in the city.

Experience warm Korean hospitality and learn more about k-culture at the Korean Cultural Center.

Souvenir shop that sells from k-beauty to intricately made traditional Korean handicrafts