Thailand Pavilion

A pavilion designed to make you smile

  • Theme

    Mobility for the future

  • Location
  • Architect

    Index Creative Village


Thailand Pavilion 360

Discover Thailand Pavilion in 360°

Thai flower curtain

A glamorous mix of technology and tradition, the Thailand Pavilion awes with a gold and black façade blooming with a curtain of more than 500 white woven flowers. The outer façade of the building is raised on a series of stilt columns. A tall, golden, rectangular slab marks the left-hand side of the Thai plaza, while the massive curved floral wall of the pavilion incorporates two sharp, peaked arches—a shape that abounds in traditional Thai architecture.


Discover Thailand’s creative advances in transportation, logistics, digital connectivity and personal mobility.

The Thailand Pavilion exterior is made of over 500 woven flowers.