Monaco Pavilion

Gaze into a colourful prism of opportunities

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    Monaco 360° – a world of opportunities

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Monaco Pavilion 360

Discover Monaco Pavilion in 360°

Rock of Monaco

The Monaco Pavilion honors the country’s legendary Rock of Monaco with a design that centres on a large, boulder-like structure covered in reflective solar panels at the front of a long, rectangular building. Visitors climb up a series of ramps set amid a stylized rocky terrain planted with trees and flowers to reach the striking, stone-like form. The sides of the pavilion are painted with a colorful, dazzling kaleidoscopic pattern, echoing the mirror-like motif of its grand centrepiece.


Experience the 'Kaleidoscope' showcasing the country's art, culture, innovation and more.

Go on a multi-sensory journey through mirrored exhibition spaces.