Saudi Arabia Pavilion

Opening a window to the world

  • Theme

    The sky is the limit

  • Location
  • Architect

    Boris Micka Associates

KSA pavilion feature image

Saudi Arabia Pavilion 360

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A window to the sky

The monumental Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pavilion is a mirrored slab that extends up diagonally from the ground, resembling a giant window opening toward the sky. The immense structure soars six storeys into the air and covers more than 13,000 square metres, or the area of two football pitches. The sides of the pavilion feature a decorative motif of grey horizontal lines like layered metal, while its vast underbelly — which shades an enormous plaza — is mirrored and smooth.


Explore the beauty of Saudi Arabia's natural landscapes.

Experience an innovative, sustainable, LEED Platinum-certified design.