Netherlands Pavilion

Harvest the future of sustainable farming

  • Theme

    Sustainable solutions through out-of-the-box creativity

  • Location
  • Architect

    V8 Architects

Netherlands Pavilion

Netherlands Pavilion 360

Discover Netherlands Pavilion in 360°

A closed loop of sustainability

Innovative and sustainable, the Netherlands Pavilion not only sourced its construction materials locally in the UAE, but functions as a “closed-loop” biotope that produces its own energy, water, and even food. Shaped like an enormous theatre stage, the sides and back of the pavilion are built from orange-red reclaimed metal beams that form a wavy accordion-like pattern inside and out. The roof is constructed from huge metal tubes bound together into panels.


The climate and design allow visitors to experience the connection between energy, food and water.

A biodegradable curtain separates the the Netherlands Pavilion's business lounge from its main exhibition.