Expo 2020 Dubai Xplorer App

Wherever you are around the world, download the Expo Dubai Xplorer App and you won't miss a thing. Engage with digital and augmented reality wonders, from treasure hunts to portals, puzzles and incredible creatures. Or, go on a quest with one of our characters and explore the whole world in one place. Collect Expo Digital Passport stamps as you visit different country pavilions and don't forget to pledge your Seeds of Change to the causes of your choice. Your vote has a real-world impact! Immerse yourself in the magic. There's so much to explore!

Expo 2020 Dubai App

Expo Dubai Xplorer App

Explore Expo 2020 by downloading the Expo Dubai Xplorer app. Engage with our themed quest characters, uncover hidden treasures, and encounter magical portals, folklore puzzles and more! Pledge your Seeds of Change and be part of real-world impact.

Partner App

Partner App: Expo 2020 Adventures

Experience Expo 2020 Dubai through the eyes of a robot while exploring exciting country pavilions and interacting with technological advances in all fields of science. Designed by Expo partner, Dubai Police.

Virtual Expo: Creating Accessibility and Legacy

Whether you are a gamer, looking for content or just curious to explore the Expo site, Virtual Expo has got you covered. The Virtual Expo experience has become the core of our connectedness and how accessibility came to have a whole other meaning.

Beyond Sound and Vision

Virtual Expo isn’t the first time a World Expo revolutionised how it was experienced by audiences. The first visual broadcast of a news event in history took place at the New York’s World’s Fair in 1939.