Go on an adventure through Expo 2020 in the incredible Minecraft world

Embark on amazing adventures through Expo 2020 and see the whole world in one place! The Expo 2020 Dubai Minecraft experiences offer a unique, first-of-its-kind exploration of a World Expo. On the Minecraft Marketplace, fascinating experiences await! Our beloved robots offer you quests taking you across Expo 2020. Will you go to the Mobility, Opportunity or Sustainability district first... or will you travel back in time? For the Minecraft: Education Edition, we've created lessons and challenges around the Expo themes. This is an opportunity for students to learn through building and creating. Did you catch our live teaser in Minecraft? For a few days, you could see other player avatars from around the world, in addition to watching our fireworks display, traveling through time and going on tricky treasure hunts around the Expo.

Video Game

Download Expo Minecraft World

Expo 2020 is on the Minecraft Marketplace! Our beloved robots will send you on quests around the Expo and send you flying (literally) to Mobility, Opportunity and Sustainability. Time travel, roller coasters and underwater journeys all await you!

Lesson Plans

Minecraft Edu Lesson Plans

Take students on an Expo learning adventure using our World in Minecraft: Education Edition. Students can learn about Mobility, Opportunity and Sustainability with lessons tailored for different age groups.

Video Game: Teaser

Expo 2020 Minecraft Teaser: Oct 1-4 Only

For just four days, virtual visitors logged in to explore Expo together as avatars in Expo 2020's Minecraft teaser experience.