Guided tours, reimagined for the digital world, controlled by you!

Attend a Live@Expo show and be part of a massive interactive tour that’s part TV show, part game, part social. This is a global journey through Expo 2020 and you co-create the story by controlling the guide! This more than just a tour. You and other viewers collectively work together to complete a six-month goal and create the future, unlocking badges and contributing to real-world causes of your choice. Do you enjoy badges, leaderboards and treasure hunts? Check out our Chat Plays show and top the leaderboard! Deep-diving into exhibitions and learning about different countries more your style? Deep Dives sounds like it's for you. Younger viewers have their own show in Future Explorers! Tune in, take part, have fun. You're in control!

Live Virtual Tour

Chat Plays

Experience the most interactive tour! Take on challenges, go on treasure hunts, and tell your guide what you'd like to see. See if you can top the leaderboard!

Live Virtual Tour

Deep Dives

Deep Dives include explorations of pavilions and interviews with experts and makers, in a guided exploration of what Expo 2020 Dubai has to offer. You co-create the episode, determining where your guide goes, and what questions get answered.

Live Virtual Tour

Future Explorers

A show for kids and families, focused on all the amazing things at Expo 2020! The best part is you determine what you see and where your guide goes. Tune in, take part and have fun!