World Majlis | Hope and Perseverance: Lessons Learnt from the Red Planet for Life on Earth

What the exploration of Mars suggests for the future of our species.

As the number of missions to Mars increases, so does a new flow of scientific information and discovery that directly contributes to our understanding of the Earth’s trajectory. On 9th February 2021, the UAE made history when its “Hope” spacecraft, the Arab world’s first mission to another planet, successfully entered Mars’ orbit to begin a two-year data-collecting operation. Nine days later NASA’s “Perseverance” rover gently touched down in the Jezero Crater of Mars, the ninth spacecraft to successfully land on the Red Planet. In a year of great global challenges here on Earth, Hope and Perseverance are symbols of the importance of international collaboration, and a perspective that goes beyond national boundaries and interests. This exciting possibility of finding life elsewhere is prompting more countries and other players to participate in efforts to put humans on Mars.

Speaker of the day

  • Speaker: Saeed Al Gergawi.
  • Speaker: Randy Lycans.
  • Speaker: Omran Sharaf.
  • Speaker: Dr. Michaela Musilova.