José Antonio Rodriguez Manfredi

José A Rodríguez-Manfredi is a scientist in the Department of Advanced Instrumentation at INTA - Centro de Astrobiología in Madrid, Spain, of which he was head of department from 2010 to 2015. Since 2012 he has been the Principal Pnvestigator of the Space Instrumentation Research Group at CAB. Dr. Rodríguez Manfredi is the Principal Investigator of the TWINS (Temperature and Winds for InSight) space instruments on NASA's InSight mission (on Mars since November 2018), and MEDA (Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer) on NASA's Mars 2020 mission (on Mars since last February 18). He is also co-investigator and mission manager of the REMS (Rover Environmental Monitoring Station) instrument that has been exploring Mars aboard Curiosity since 2012.