Sustainability @ Expo I Restoring Balance


We stand at the brink of a crucial moment in time in which we must take decisive collective action to protect our planet and the life it sustains for future generations. It is an opportunity for us to take our place in history as the generation that stepped up to halt climate change. By adapting human activity to operate within Earth’s planetary boundaries, a sustainable future is within our grasp. This event will explore sustainability and climate action with a focus on restorative and regenerative solutions across sectors that produce environmental, social, and economic benefits and restore balance with nature. It will also highlight Expo 2020 Dubai’s efforts to integrate sustainability into the planning, design, construction and operations of the Expo site, the sustainability initiatives by International Participants and Partners, and the impact that has been made beyond the site and the legacy of the six-month event.

Speaker of the day

  • Speaker: Gerrard Albert.
  • Speaker: Dina Storey .
  • Speaker: Dayna Baumeister.
  • Speaker: David Gourlay.