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Speaking Youth to Power

Social cohesion has traditionally been hardwired into societies, and driven by the older and experienced generations acting as policy makers, educators, inculcating common values to the younger ones resulting in a sense of purpose and belonging. Incorporating a more diverse demographic into decision-making however has been recently proven to produce superior outcomes. According to a study conducted by US decision analyst Cloverpop, teams that incorporate different age groups, genders and geographic locations outperform individual decision-makers 87 percent of the time. As the pandemic has made abundantly clear, our world is calling for a coordinated approach to global issues. Including the youth at all levels of decision making is crucial for fostering positive social change and creating sustainable societies. Open to intercultural dialogue and more exposed early on to equal gender rights considerations, their inspirational visions have the potential to guide policy in significant ways, and in turn, “educate” their elder peers with a fresh take on community issues.