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Deep Blue: The (Other) Final Frontier - Undiscovered Wonders of the Oceans

With more than 80 percent of our oceans unmapped and unexplored, our deep-sea floors are the last “terra incognita” on our planet. This is about to change. Technological advancements are now making it possible to explore the depths of the oceans in a way we would have never imagined before. Equipped with manned and unmanned submersibles, autonomous underwater robots, sensors, and sophisticated cameras, researchers can access untapped resources that could influence our future: unknown life forms, minerals and other resources that could be vital to our ecological transition, and other new opportunities for science and industry. As more projects gear up to sweep the ocean floors for rare metals, and other resources, managing and understanding human impact on this last untouched piece of nature will be essential to avoid further damage — giving us a chance to unlock our deep floors’ precious secrets. A new chapter in ocean exploration is beginning. We need to make sure this new “Last Frontier” remains an opportunity for us all. What resources and knowledge can the oceans and their inhabitants provide? How can we derive benefits from the oceans without further damaging their delicate ecosystems? How should access to the oceans be regulated? How can we use technology to strike a balance between progress and preservation?