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Designing Spaces that Heal our Planet

Climate change is causing major transformations across the world, putting entire populations at risk. How important is the role of architecture and urban planning in helping restore health of communities and planet? From pandemics to droughts, wildfires to hurricanes: nature's response to our growing activities is now affecting entire communities at a scale and frequency that we have not seen before. Studies now show that an ailing planet has a direct correlation with human health. While in 2015, diseases caused by air, water and soil pollution were responsible for 16% of all global death - more than smoking, hunger, natural disasters, war, AIDS, or malaria - today the frequency of climate related events continues to accelerate as well as increase in scale and impact. Poorer communities are often on the frontline of climate change, and most vulnerable when disaster strikes. Urban populations are also at risk as cities and large metropolises will be overexposed to climate impacts that will require careful planning of infrastructure, construction, materials as well as how resources in a city are managed. Architecture certainly has a major role to play in providing creative solutions to the way we design our built environment.