Thematic Pavilion

TerraThe Sustainability Pavilion

A bold showpiece for humanity’s sustainable future

  • Theme

    Real life solutions to real world problems

  • Desert location
  • Architect

    Grimshaw Architects


Terra 360

Discover Terra in 360°

A modelof harmonious living

Terra is a super-sized marvel of forward-thinking design. The pavilion’s technology generates enough energy in a year to power a Nissan Leaf to drive halfway to Mars, while another system captures moisture from the air you breathe and turns it into drinkable water. Enter and take a fantastical journey through the wonders of nature, humanity’s challenges and the promise of our shared future.

Timelapse of Terra


Terra offers two different, immersive tracks that take visitors either Under the Forest or Under the Ocean in order to learn more about the beauty of the natural world.

See the Expo Young Innovators exhibition, which brings to life the creativity of students across the UAE who worked on developing solutions to global challenges.